Beyond study, MGIMO-Odintsovo students will find themselves drawn to numerous concerts, contests, students research, poetry and language clubs, comedy nights, and events in a wide range of different sports. Various Students-run Initiatives both at MGIMO-Odintsovo and MGIMO-Moscow fill the calendar with additional social events that international students from Odintsovo are always welcome to join.

Social immersion programs are usually designed specifically for international students. These are essentially projects pairing Russian or already established international students with newly arrived students in order to give them a fun and safe introduction to their new life as a student in Russia.

As the Campus is located within just 30 minutes drive from Moscow centre, one of the world’s largest metropolitan cities, the students may enjoy its array of cultural and historical sites, theatres, art galleries, exhibitions and so on. One can also take a suburban train or a bus that will take the passengers to Moscow centre in about 30 minutes as well.


Visit Campus concerts, theatre plays and Public Speaking Contests. Try Russian cuisine, kick a soccer ball in the field and get a glimpse of the life of an ordinary Russian family. 


MGIMO Odintsovo prohibits any form of discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, gender, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, marital status, citizenship or any other status.

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You are free to visit MGIMO Odintsovo on your own. Alternatively you can request a tour of MGIMO Odintsovo campus. Tours are arranged to meet the individual needs of visitors, five days advance notice is needed. To arrange a tour, visitors should email info@odin.mgimo.ru


MGIMO Campus is located in the park zone near the heart of Odintsovo city and is surrounded by a forest. Due to the vicinity of Moscow, our students and faculty, students and faculty can enjoy engaging and dynamic Moscow experiences as well as its surrounding neighborhoods. A university bus will take you to Moscow 3 times per week.

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Looking for safe, affordable housing? Apply to live in one of the University halls. Looking for assistance in your off-campus apartment search? MGIMO has services and offices to simplify the housing process.
MGIMO Odintsovo Dining ensures the delivery of high-quality food at a variety of menues, each of which helps create a sense of community and comfort among faculty, students and stuff. The chefs have been trained in the culinary arts at respected institutions.