On June 3, 2016 the Odintsovo Branch of MGIMO University was established and officially opened further to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Directive # 23877 of December 24, 2015, and in accordance with the MGIMO 2014-2020 Strategic Development Plan. The newly established Campus was inaugurated on June 3rd, 2016, and is officilly named “The Branch of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (University) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation at Odintsovo”.

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The Odintsovo Branch inherited the campus of the former Odintsovo Humanities University with its outstanding teaching block, sports facilities, quality hotel and a nice regular park. The academic building is 16 000 m2 in area. It consists of spacious multimedia and language laboratory classrooms, management decision situation cabinets, IT-laboratories and computer classrooms, computerized library, conference hall, 3-star hotel for 117 guests and the unique sport and fitness complex (FTC), which is 18 000 m2 in area.

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The FTC comprises outstanding cross functional sports hall for 3000 participants, 25 meter swimming pool divided into 4 lanes,

gyms designed for karate, box, acrobatics etc.,

several saunas and changing rooms with shower units. All sports halls are equipped with modern facilities provided by leading manufacturers.

There is a canteen with seating capacity of 300 people, 2 student’s cafes, a sick room, and a printing office in the Campus. The university territory involves several parking lots.

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The Branch is organized into five schools (faculties): management, economics, law, philology and preuniversity training.

The faculty and staff number exceeds 300 professionals. Educational programs at Odintsovo cover a large spectrum of levels general secondary education, secondary professional education, graduate and post-graduate, and even vocational education including MBA, Executive MBA, occupational retraining programs, professional proficiency programs, international Summer schools, etc.

Besides, the Branch is home to the MGIMO Gorchakovsky Lyceum, which delves into social humanitarian and philological fields.

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The academic structure consists of eleven bachelor’s and ten master's professional degrees, comprising 21 individual programs in law, economics, business informatics, management, state and municipal management, language studies and psychology. The Odintsovo Branch provides four secondary vocational education programs “Law and Social Welfare Organization”, “Economics and Accounting”, “Banking”, and “Applied Information Technology”.
The Odintsovo Branch is located in the prestigious Moscow suburban area “Rublevka”, located at a 25 kilometer distance from the Red Square of Moscow, the new campus is noted for healthy country-side environment and an efficient transportation system bringing you to downtown Moscow in no more than 45 minutes.

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The Campus’ educational programs cover diverse fields of study for future foreign affairs experts. However particular emphasis is placed upon training specialists in Russian domestic affairs, that will work at the federal level in the future.
Campus’ work is focused on qualitative development of the current fields of study through the expansion in the number of educational programs using MGIMO competitive strengths and high standards. Ultimately, this will equate to add high-caliber professionals capable both advocate Russian interests on the global stage, and feel at home with the regional business nature, state and municipal authorities.


MGIMO is a first class university uniquely suited to answer educational challenges of our life. We not only follow the trend, we are one step ahead. Every now and then we get asked one and the same question: “Why do you need Odintsovo campus?” Some years back with the emergence of International Business School and introduction into the curriculum of ecology and energy programs, the questions were different: “Why do you need a business school, what’s the point of having ecology and energy programs in MGIMO?” For so many years MGIMO has been known as THE University for a Degree in diplomacy. However, we stay on top of things, exploring innovative programs and providing the kind of education that is needed here, now, and always. Have a look at the companies of the first one hundred Forbes list. Many CEOs have MGIMO degree under their belts. The reason of the success is simple, MGIMO graduates are one of a kind species, worldly leaders who know the nitty-gritty details of market economy and business, are ambitious and fluent in several languages.

Currently, MGIMO faces a twofold task. First, to maintain the level of education in international affairs we have been known for, and increase the number of MGIMO graduates in other areas, such as civil service, law, media. To do that we meticulously study the labor market, capitalize on MGIMO strengths while casting a critical eye on the running programs. We are not only on the lookout for the best educational practices; we try to provide our graduates with the competences required by business now.

MGIMO is in the handful of Russian Universities that not only use federal standards, but have the right, due to the President decree, to develop own educational standards.

You still can find us at the same address in Moscow, on Vernadsky prospect. At the same time, you are welcome to visit MGIMO in Odintsovo, a prestigious suburban area, only 35 minute drive from downtown Moscow. MGIMO Moscow and MGIMO Odintsovo create a perfect synergy, enriching each other with best educational practices and fresh wave of thinking. From a practical point of view, Odintsovo has this lushness so appealing to academics.

We have learned a lot about regional policies, migration issues during these years in Odintsovo. It was also the time when we introduced Agile and Scrum systems trainings into the curriculum.
MGIMO’s foray into the regions is well justified. We run MGIMO programs in the regions where there is a strong demand and synergy with governmental and business entities. MGIMO business and linguistic programs will now be a constant feature of educational environment in Murmansk, Tomsk, Kazan, Arkhangelsk, Tobolsk, Vladivostok and Tyumen. In September 2016 MGIMO Team launched ACEAN summit in Vladivostok, Russian Far East.

In 2018 MGIMO is going to run a project in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Education in diplomacy is a strong suit with us. Law, Russian history and culture, business consulting, linguistics and others are beyond diplomacy.


Brief History
Odintsovo, first mentioned in the history of Russia in 1470, is Moscow western suburban district with population of 141 493. Odintsovo is home to about 20 schools, 4 universities, two vocational training schools, 3 factories, a train manufacturing facility, “Kokrunov” sweets manufacturer belonging to Mars, a TV channel and two churches, one of which dates back to 18th century. This is the city with the largest number of cars per capita in Russia. Odintsovo has a sister city in Germany – Wittmund. Developed infrastructure, a vibrant community of people having managerial jobs in Moscow along with lushness are huge draws for those who pursue a healthy way of life and the advantage of getting to Moscow in no time.