Students from all over Russia and abroad choose to attend MGIMO Odintsovo for a lot of reasons. Established in 2015 MGIMO Odintsovo has been a part of MGIMO Moscow. Situated in a prestigious area with 35 min. drive from MGIMO HQ, Odintsovo has this perfect blend of an urban university surrounded by the lushness of an industrial, well-balanced city. Today MMGIMO University has evolved into a university offering a wide range of academic disciplines, friendly environment, and hotel, fitness with a swimming pool, canteen and two cafes with delicious food sourced from locally grown ingredients.
MGIMO Odintsovo’s more than 1500 students study in dozens of degree programs. In addition to Odintsovo campus, students can study abroad.

MGIMO Odintsovo Facts and Figures

35 courses, 16 000 square feet of study areas, 95% of undergraduates have already received preliminary job offers.
University Facts
Founding date: December 24, 2015
Official Color: White and blue
Alma Mater: MGIMO Moscow
Academic and Administration:
More than 25 000 square feet of interior space
Housing for more than 117 graduate and undergraduate students
Libraries: Odintsovo libraries hold more than 2,5ml volumes with more than 500 visits per day when school is in session.